Industrial lighting financing options

Financing will be arranged as well


Would you like to know how to get new lighting and big savings without any investment? We will help you obtain the funds for the investment in REFLECTA intelligent lighting systems, with our business model 'Project ZERO - Pay As You Save'.

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There are grants available

Your company can obtain grants for the installation of REFLECTA intelligent energy efficient lighting REFLECTA in the tender UREE (available in Slovenia and other certain EU countries), up to 30 % of the investment. For this purpose the Republic of Slovenia has allocated 6.5 million euros, of which two million euros will be awarded in 2011, two million in 2012 and 2.5 million in 2013.

We prepare technical and tender documents for you

Thus, your company can avoid the investment and repay the lighting retrofit by monthly electricity savings. The investment, worth at least 50,000 euros, will be granted by up to 30 % of the investment. We will prepare all the technical and tender documents for you.

REFLECTA with a 10-year guarantee

Monitoring the manufacturing process and providing the reference quality are the highest priorities of intelligent industrial lighting REFLECTA. Because we offer services and products of exceptional quality, you get a 10-year guarantee on them. Check the following: UREE public tender (available in Slovenia)

To increase the electrical efficiency of systems and equipment that meet the modern technology standards, and reduce power consumption compared to the general installed equipment, the Ministry of Infrastructure issued a public tender at the end of 2010 for co-financing such operations in the economy for the period of 2011-2013 (UREE). Let us help you save.